Undoubtedly, Chus and Ceballos are the most solid, professional pair of Djs/Producers from Spain. Hailed worldwide for their excellent production works, including official remixes for world-renowned artists like Madonna, they display a remarkable versatility enabling them to play in small clubs to life-size festivals. 

Their marathon DJ sets capture their genuine Iberican character, while their blend of styles between House and Techno lie in perfect harmony, accentuating the unmistakable beat of the percussions. Throughout the past decade, Chus and Ceballos have been the pioneers and creators of the underground movement known as ‘Iberican Sound’. This resulted in the prologue to an important saga for artists and producers, who have chosen Tribal as their way of life. Their evolution throughout the past years has led them to the pinnacle of the global music scene. All these years of hard work, absolute dedication, undisputed professionalism and a constant evolution in sounds have led this infallible duo to the summit of success, bringing them to securing residencies at the best clubs around the globe; Pacha New York, Space Miami, Stereo Montreal, Ageha Tokyo, and many others. Chus and Ceballos represent an invaluable legacy of sound, where their blend of styles is their dogma and the quality their message includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.



Because of his love for music and his need to share it with others, Ralphi Rosario began spinning records for friends at house and school parties in the late 70s. Almost a quarter of a century later, he still spins for legions of friends at massive gatherings around the globe in such nations as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Canada, and others. His acumen as a DJ for the dance floor is undeniable. To this day, he maintains a DJ residency in his hometown Chicago. Shortly after his start as a DJ, Ralphi created dance/house music history as a member of the world renowned Chicago Hot Mix Five, delivering his mix magic to the masses over the airwaves for nearly a decade.

Add to this his production work and remixing talents and the music industry has a recipe for a legend in the making. Many believe legend status was achieved when Ralphi's You Used to Hold Me mega hit became an overnight club classic.

Not resting on his laurels, Ralphi Rosario has never stopped creating music for his many devoted fans. Besides introducing vocalist Xaviera Gold and others to the publics ear with the classic You used to hold me, Ralphi has worked on countless mega artists including Donna Summer I will go with you (with DJ Abel as Rosabel), Cher Different kind of love song, Everything but the Girl Tempermental, The Pet Shop Boys Break for love, Amber Love one another and Jennifer Holiday "And I am telling you, I'm not going". 

Ralphi Rosario has worked and helped design his own production/remix team Rosabel, with long time friend DJ Abel. With major labels, he has credited labels such as Atlantic, Arista, Epic/Sony, Columbia, Nervous, and Strictly Rhythm. Of course, he's worked with great Indie labels too, Peter Rauhaufer's Star 69, and most recently Tommy Boy.

Some of Ralphi's favorite projects have also been big dance floor hits, such as the Latin infused "Brinca" and the monster crossover "Take Me Up" with vocalist sensation and longtime friend Donna Blakely. More recently "Don't You Want My Love" by Debbie Jacobs, (collaborating once more with DJ Abel ) and "The Power" by Rosabel Featuring Jeanie Tracey, were both heard on HBO's Sex and the City and Showtime's Queer as Folk. 

Recently, Ralphi and DJ friend and colleague Junior Vasquez, were chosen separately by Columbia/Sony, to remix a new version of "Nights in White Satin" with vocals by one of the world's greatest classical vocalists, Mario Frangoulis. 

Fans can listen to original or compiled music on Ralphi's three albums, "45 Miles of Nerves", "Garden of Eden", and the most recent "Club Cassagrande Presents Ralphi Rosario, a double CD mix compilation. 

Ralphi Rosario's career is chockfull of creativity and accomplishment. There is no question to his many devoted fans, colleagues, and friends in the music industry that he is in fact, a dance/house music legend.